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A broken switch

The priest was smiling to her. She was confused and a little scared. A strange thought was wandering in her mind, an incomplete phrase. It was the voice of the priest, saying to another man "do not worry... she will like it, and will come back for more, and again... and when she resists, we will..." When the priest approached, she didn't like how familiar it felt. He told her that she would find her room outside, in the little build next to the church, and what her job was. His finger felt like concrete, scratching, when he brushed her cheek.

A flash came to her memories. She had accepted a gift from the priest, some time in the past. So they met at some point, despite she had no recollection of this. Trying to remember what was that gift, all she would get was a headache, as if somebody were screaming inside her mind.

The days went by. Nobody ever stopped by, not even by the graveyard, which she visited daily. The candles in the darkness of the church always brought flashes of lost memories to her mind, but she didn't know what to do with them. The images made no sense. A box with a snake? Another man, examining her from the distance?

The priest would always smile at her in a way that made her tremble, freeze. Something in his expression told her that he was waiting... for the right time. She decided she had to run away from that eerie place. She would do the next day.

That night, she had a strange dream. In her dream, she was in bed. She could hear the priest and another man talking about her past, the sin, the shame she had brought. Then she saw what was the gift. She wanted to take it but remembered, this was not the first time. Something happened next, all the other times.

A hooded otherworldly creature showed up in her room, the bed cover was suddenly a mess and she could feel the creature was coming for her. She screamed, screamed while trying to stand up and avoid that ghostly touch... and woke up. Her heart was still racing when she looked to the left. The moon light coming by the window allowed her to see that the creature was still there. Her voice failed and she tried to turn the light on. The light switch wasn't working. Rigid, scared, she then looked to the right. Lying next to her, on the bed, there was another of those hooded creatures. She screamed loud but her voice wouldn't come out. The creatures showed their faces. One of them was the priest. And the other one... Could it be? Could it really be?


Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 10/05/2015 at 12:00:00 - 0 Comments

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