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2020, that year

The beginning of the new '20s, 2020, has been an interesting year.

When the pandemic exploded and lockdowns started all around the world, people said that we would come out of this situation by being "better people". I doubted it when I heard it the first time. People are people, and we suck. I can't help being skeptical about believing that something will make us all better. If anything, it has accentuated the best in some people and the worst in others.

Some people say that wearing a mask is unacceptable meddling with our fundamental rights. As far as I know, there's a fundamental right to health, but nowhere does it say that you can decide over someone else's health by not protecting them in a risky situation like this we're living. So indeed, this fundamental right to health is why we all should be wearing masks as soon as we set foot outside of our homes. You don't have a fundamental right of not wearing a mask, and by not wearing it, you prove how much you care about others and their actual fundamental right to health. That is, nothing.

If there's something good in being an introvert is that lockdowns barely affect you. At least it barely affected me. It felt strange because I knew that it wasn't me staying home voluntarily, but many people having to stay home and needing to go out, to socialize. I couldn't help thinking of the children, separated from their friends and forbidden to play outdoors. They've endured this situation really well despite all the restrictions set upon them, specially when comparing their behaviour with such of some adults, subject to fewer restrictions and, supposedly, with better judgment.

But let's leave this since the pandemic is no news to anyone. Not wanting to wear masks rubs me the wrong way. I can also reach the berserk level by hearing all the anti-vaccines "reasoning" I've had to hear (and by "reasoning" I mean conspiracy theories with no basis on reality). It's easy to be anti-vaccines when you've got all your shots when a kid and are immune to diseases that could kill you, right?

During this year, I've worked in scripts (oh, the surprise), practiced some drawing and painting (not as much as I'd like), slept long naps, and read a whopping total of 160 books. Never in my life would have I dreamed of reaching that amount of read books and yes, I'm bragging here. 160 books. One-hundred-and-sixty. It's a good thing digital books exist, because I don't have the space to store that amount of physical books in whatever little spots remain open in my bookshelves.

I've also written a diary. A long one. Whenever something bugged me, I wrote about it. Whenever I wanted to think about what I was feeling. It has made me step back from blogging. Once my thoughts were on paper, I felt that I didn't need to discuss it openly, online. I don't feel entirely comfortable with that. Writing a diary is good for the soul and you feel more free because no one will read it, but interaction with others is good too. So I don't know how to deal with wanting to do both.

It might sound as a boring year on my side, but it's been pretty entertaining to me. It has also brought sad and bitter moments, but that is not for here. This year, though, I've finally got ridden of a stalker that has been 9 years pestering me.

And I've woken up to the news that abortion is now legal in Argentina. Maybe despite all, 2020 is not so bad.

Be ready for the season finale, tomorrow. Have a great new year :-)
Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 30/12/2020 at 12:00:00 - 0 Comments

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