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Doll's Promise: Another Altered Book

I don't remember exactly when this happened. The end of 2018? The beginning of 2019? I remember that I felt the need of having a space, separate from the computer, where I could create. Create what? I didn't know at the time. I was playing around with scrapbooking, mindlessly tearing papers and gluing them. It was soothing for my mind.

After some talking and researching places that manufactured custom furniture, I decided on one. I was nervous when I started doodling what I wanted. Nervous when it began to take shape, and when I had the complete design.

Thanks to learning Blender I've been able of designing the furniture I wanted to separate my workspace from the creative. The manufacturer only did minor adjustments, and the furniture came out beautifully. Yes, I had to wait, and the wait was long, but I don't regret the choice I made. Then I spent a day organizing all my art supplies and some books (art books, novels, essays, graphic novels, humor...)

The furniture was ready and loaded. I had zero excuses to not create from that moment. Of course, I felt even more nervous than when I was designing the furniture. It's okay. Breathe. Journal a little. Close your eyes.

A short story began to flow. With some images in my mind. I sketched those ideas and wondered which search terms I would use in Pinterest to get images with the aesthetics and pose I was looking for. I decided I didn't have to search for anything. It was within my fingertips' reach. I would create the poses, dress my avatar however I wanted, and take the exact screenshot I was seeing in my mind.

That's how my third altered book, Doll's Promise, came to life.

(Yes, that's my voice. Yes, it is quiet even when I try to speak loud.)

The book is minimalistic. I don't have elaborate backgrounds nor I have even tried to make collages. It tells a story. It's what I wanted to do.

I confess I have some envy of those with elaborate art journals. Maybe now that I'm learning my style, I should work two different ways. Altered books for stories. Art journals for the backgrounds and collaging. I don't know yet. I'm just learning, and everything looks so interesting to try.

Until the next time. Have a great day :-)
Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 14/12/2019 at 16:30:00 - 0 Comments

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