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My seven Second Life facts

Yesterday I read colleen Criss and I see that Strawberry Singh's Monday challenges are back!

These are good news to me because, selfishly, they provide with a much needed break from everything going on in my life. The theory is that I had made a blog calendar with topics, but the practice is that those topics would need work, and hence I was in this limbo. Strawberry has saved me providing guidance while I continue working hard in you don't want to know how many things, both RL and SL. So let's stop with the self pity, and on to the challenge we go!

This week we have "My seven Second Life facts". I'll use Strawberry's as a guide.

  • My Second Life Fact #1: I have purchased lindens in the past, but not anymore since I started teaching. Then it came the store and then I had to make a small purchase because it has lost my payment info data. Or I deleted it one night being tired. Who remembers that?
  • My Second Life Fact #2: I don't have a premium account. My 42 full group slots continue telling me to change that. I know I'll eventually end up with a premium account. I own land, the store must be somewhere!
  • My Second Life Fact #3: I don't hate notecards but I prefer a long detailed IM than a notecard. The reason is that I can respond to IMs from e-mail. You have no idea of how many customers have received help while I was in bed because I opened my eyes at 4 AM, couldn't sleep, and took the phone to find their requests in long, clear IMs. I love long and clear IMs. I can answer them basically anytime if I'm offline. Notecards force me to log in to read them, and at times that can mean many hours from the moment the person sent it, until I can log in.
  • My Second Life Fact #4: I can quote this from Strawberry's post as being true for myself: "I love it when my Second Life is quiet and peaceful. I prefer to be alone in Second Life and explore it on my own and learn about new products on my own." I'm an introvert and while I enjoy talking to (some) people, I enjoy my alone time too. I spend almost all my time at my platform, and even there I can't escape from drama at times! (I have an ex that deserves some writing because laughs, and while I could mute him, that would fix nothing because he comes with alts, and I confess, it's more amusing letting him go ahead with the drama and whatever populates his mind. At least I can say I too have some drama in my Second Life!)
  • My Second Life Fact #5: Before mesh heads, I was quite attached to my shape. I remember preferring my system body because the Slink body wouldn't achieve my curves. I was quite attached to those curves. Then it came Maitreya's Lara body and I haven't detached the body except to attach the new updates that have come along. I was also lazy to change skin. I could spend two years in the same skin, if not more. Then mesh heads came... and it was like having me in a stationery store (I have so much to confess about watching stationery porn.) They were so smooth and pretty and photography-ready. I've swapped between mesh heads and my system head a lot until the Trinity head from LAQ came along. It wasn't my usual look, but I loved her smile and the way it made me look. Then Bento heads came and now I switch between them and Trinity. I have a couple of Bento heads. For now. Yesterday I was trying Ana from LAQ so that may change soon. I've been a long time LAQ user, so you can see the pattern, and just yesterday I bought the April skin applier, used it on Ana, adjusted the shape... Yes, I can see another mesh head in my future.
  • My Second Life Fact #6: Once upon a time I managed to have my inventory under 29000 items, which is not bad at all considering I like shopping and I produce an average of six new items every week, with lots of assets in. But one day I was at 50000, planning to purge old items, when the new Marketplace system came and my inventory made boom since now all the items in Marketplace count in your inventory as well. I cry with every weekly release because my inventory grows a lot with all the meshes, textures, poses, and whatnot. I also cry because I try to stay current with Marketplace so again boom. I have to find the time. I'm telling myself that phrase since I don't remember when.
  • My Second Life Fact #7: I have never been bored in SL. It's impossible to me, there's always something to do for the store, for events... and the rare times I'm not working, shopping or with Ansel, I go explore places, mainland, and have a good time out of it.

So those are (some of) my facts. Which ones are yours? Do share!
Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 10/10/2017 at 12:00:00 - 3 Comments

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colleen Criss says:

BOOM ! :) One of the busiest women I know. Excellent #SecondLifeChallenge post!

Posted on 10/10/2017 at 17:26:11. Write a comment.

Auryn Beorn says:

Thank you! And yes, quite busy. I need holidays like... Two months ago =)

Posted on 10/10/2017 at 21:16:17. Write a comment.

Strawberry Singh says:

So happy that you like the challenges. Thanks so much for participating!

Posted on 11/10/2017 at 02:38:54. Write a comment.

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