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Making a Gacha Key, the easy way

Probably many gacha makers know already how to do this, but I'm not a frequent gacha maker, so this was to me like discovering fire or the wheel. I suffered a lot to make the gacha key of my first gacha ever (the gacha key is the picture showing all items, saying which are commons and rares). I sworn I would never do a gacha again if making the gacha key was so complicated: Take pics of each item, cut them, scale them, try to fit them on your background... Really, kudos to those of you that make this on a constant basis.

I wanted to make a tropical inspired decoration gacha set for this round of The Liaison Collaborative, but I was a little afraid of the moment when I would have to prepare the gacha (particularly there being glass among the items.) And I had that "aha!" moment.

I rezzed a box. Made it big enough. Added a full bright background that fitted with the theme. And I started rezzing and arranging my items around, like this, leaving space for the title and the list of commons and rares:

These pieces are prettier than in this photo I've taken on a rush - shame on me

Then you can either do your best and take a pic inworld, or you can link it all together, attach it like a HUD, remove any scripts the items may have (for example, the clocks would have gone mad), and make a picture of the HUD.

There you go, easy gacha keys! Now just add the number of the items and if it's common, rare or whatever, and you're done.

Have a great day :-)
Posted by: Auryn Beorn on 26/07/2017 at 12:00:00 - 0 Comments

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